Hey friends, welcome to the Biblio Feels. I’m the Biblio, but feel free to call me Nikki. I’m a housewife, a college student, and a lover of all things punny. I love to bake, but I hate having to clean the dishes afterwards. When I’m not whining about the dishes (or singing my “too many dishes” song, I am reading, writing, or (if it’s winter), battling with a cold that just will. Not. Quit.

I am the wife to a Zelda obsessed Hobbit, and a Gryffindor fur mom to a Slytherin cat and a Hufflepuff dog. Yeah, I totally figured out their Hogwarts houses which leads me nicely to the next fun fact, I’m a nerd/geek and I embrace that part of myself wholeheartedly (wait till you see my house, you’ll get it). In between skirmishes with the Never Ending Cold, I also have epic battles of good versus evil with my anxiety. I mostly win those, but when I do lose, it’s big time.

This blog is where I dump a little bit of everything mentioned above. You will find reviews, snippets of my life, and war stories from the trenches of anxiety. If all that sounds like something you could enjoy, stick around and join me on my adventures.

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