Things in the Works

Hiya friends, welcome back. Last week, I took a major step for myself and posted a short story of mine, and oh lord was I nervous. So, this week I wanted to chat about what I’m currently working on both writing wise and for this space.

Where to writer.jpgbegin? Okay, firstly, I’m working on a novel called The Demon’s Puppet. You know how authors will always say that a character in their writing somehow mirrors themselves. Well, this is easily the most honest I’ve ever been in my writing, mainly because my MC, a girl called Cam DeLuca, spends the entire story battling these demons, and just hoping to find a way to live her life with as little resistance as possible.

In terms where I am with this particular work, I’ve got a pretty solid plan on how the story unfolds and I’ve also got most of the characters involved mapped out and how they play into the overall plot. Another interesting thing to note, I text Tiff the other night and told her the original ending wasn’t gonna happen. In the character green room of my brain, Cam piped up and was adamant that the original ending wasCam wrong. Therefore a massive overhaul had to happen to my original plot in order to accommodate this new direction and ending. Seriously, being a writer can be annoying at times; other times you realize your characters are right and you were just being lazy.

Next project is a collaboration between, you guessed it, my favoritest friend author, Tiffany Crystal. I’m super excited about this project and it should be coming to you guys soon. The entire project is currently untitled, but we’ve given it the code name Alien. The reason I’m so excited about this project is because not only do I get to work with one of my favorite people, I also get to work with one of the most talented writers I know. So, Tiff and I have been creating worlds, characters, and plotting out this massive storyline. I’m not even sure how to sum up the the actual story, but I’m consulting Tiff to see what she thinks. This is the best I can give you right now, an alien planet, sneaky assholes, and a very fabulous prince (description approved by Tiff). Trust me, when we finally release the first part/chapter/whatever the fuck it’s gonna be, I think you’ll like it. I will definitely keep you updated on our progress and when you can expect something.

In terms of other creative endeavors, I am working on writing ait's funt least something every week for you guys. There should be short stories, flash fictions, maybe some random writings, and eventually the collab. Here’s hoping you enjoy all that.

Now, onto the blog stuff I have in the pipeline. Like I said earlier in the month, I’m looking to bring more of myself into this space. I have plans to launch a fun series that incorporates my love of baking and cooking with my love of books and movies, tentatively titled Book Bakes and Movie Munchies. I also look forward to sharing some of our home projects with you all. I mean, hopefully sometime in the future there will be a nursery project happening. Which leads nicely into the next section, writing about our journey to parenthood is going to be a big thing, and I’m sure I’ll be reading tons of parenting books and random shit like that.

I’m sure there are other things I’m forgetting but I’ll keep you updated either way. 2019 is gonna be a big and exciting year for all things Biblio, and I look forward to sharing the entire rollercoaster ride with you guys. Until next time…


Story Effects…

Hey friends. I’m sure all of us have read books that have stayed with us for one reason or another. You know what I’m talking about, those stories that left a lasting mark? Well, this is exactly what Tiffany Crystal and I have been talking about recently, so we decided to do a collaboration about some of the effects stories have had on us. Hope you enjoy the humor here…(and yes I can even laugh about it now).

Scary Stories

Ugh! There was this book that was the epitome of cool back when I was in elementary school, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”. There were quite a few creepy stories in it, but one story will always stick out, “The Red Spot.” This story scared the hell out of me, I’d be prepared to testify under oath in a court of law (sorry, I’ve been watching A LOT of Law and Order) that this is where my fear of spiders started. This story talked about how a girl woke up one day with a red bump on her face. When she asked what it was her mother told her it was a spider bite. Simple enough, right? Yeah, no. After the bump started growing they decided to go to the doctor to get it checked, them being worried about an infection and all. In the end, the doctor got busy and they were never seen. That night the boil split open while the girl was in the bath and thousands of baby spiders flooded out (blech), the next morning she was found dead from all the spider bites.


Now I’m not sure if you’re an arachnophobe like me, but then again, I’m not sure you even need to be for the idea of this story to give you the willies. Now let’s remember I read this book when I was maybe 8, it messed me up. I had this irrational fear of spiders crawling in my ears and laying their eggs. You know how most kids have their parents check for monsters under the bed? Yeah well, I made my father perform S.W.A.T like tactical type sweeps of my bedroom to check for spiders. Looking back now and reading it again, it doesn’t really pack the same punch as it did when I was 8, but spiders and I are still not going to be hanging out any time soon.

Well, there you have it friends, one story that left me with something. If you guys have any of your own to share, please do. Oh yeah, don’t forget to check out Tiff’s half of this, you won’t be disappointed. Until next time…